Anders Rundcrantz, Founder

Anders Rundcrantz – CEO (Chief Executive Officer), President
Mr. Rundcrantz has over 30 years of production engineering and general business management experience. He obtained a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialty in Business Management and Production Re-Engineering, from Chalmers University, Gothenberg Sweden. Mr. Rundcrantz worked for ITT/Flygt Grindex, where he was responsible for inventory and production planning. He next worked for IBS, a multinational business management and production re-engineering firm, as managing director of the Stockholm office. He started and developed an IBS offfice in Stockholm and took it from zero to 22 consulting engineers providing services to small and medium size manufacturing companies.

In 1989, Mr. Rundcrantz started his own business management and production re-engineering consulting business, CIMIR AB. Since 1989, he and his consulting staff have helped many small and medium size businesses grow by improving their business management and production processes. In 1995, Mr. Rundcrantz added internet web solutions development and detailed computer MIS capabilities to his successful business.

Mr. Rundcrantz has lived (over several years) and worked in the US and is fluent in English, as well as several European languages. He has a firm understanding of both American and Swedish cultures and is well established in the Swedish community.

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