Calgary Herald

In an article in Calgary Herald (Alberta, Canada) 12 vodkas were tested. In this test participated Absolut (Sweden), Belvedere (Poland), Bopoheukar Black Stallion (Russia), Chopin (Poland), Grey Goose (France), Iceberg (Canada), Kanoka (Japan), Ketel One (Holland), Pearl (produced in Alberta, Canada for a U.S. company), Precis (Sweden), Stolichnaya (Russia) och Vincent Van Gogh (Holland). The article starts with ”Vodka taste test comes up with clear winners”. The conclusion is ”Best Cellars – Precis Vodka”

Compilation of PR Clippings

”Precis nudges the palet…”

”Clean on the lips, smooth in the throat, and warm going down, Precis Vodka is part of the vodka explosion that came about as a result of the deregulation of international vodka industries.”, Reviewer Michael Rowley states He continues: ”I’m sure you’ve noticed the results of such deregulation if you’ve recognized the success of such new vodka products as Grey Goose or Belvedere. Those are both fine vodkas, of course; and at the sophisticated level of vodka that we’re dealing with, all these vodkas can and should be enjoyed very cold and unmixed. But courtesy of the tough competition between new vodkas, we have distillers who will nuance vodka in elegant ways. Precis nudges the palate in just such a way.”

USA No.1 Super Premium Vodka, PRECIS to choose

”So unique in a fabulous hand-blown glass, PRECIS is the Swedish vodka made with the purest water in the world”, says Tableaux Lounge.

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